Encore Financial Planning Solution


EFS provides its clients with investment options to meet the demands of their lifestyle, family needs and future concerns. In doing so, our financial advisors will take you through investment options that are right for you and will create a customized financial plan.

You may find yourself asking questions, such as:

  • Will I have enough income in retirement?
  • Can I set up an account for my grandchildren to live off of at an adult age?
  • How do I create tax benefits on my estate?

These are only a few of the numerous questions that you may have when considering your options, and EFS is here to help. We can work with you to answer questions and more by determining the appropriate products for your portfolio, whether it is a proprietary product such as our SWAN program or a financial strategy such as a Stretch IRA. At our office, we will not only make recommendations based on your needs and portfolio, but we will show you the reasoning behind it so you understand your investments completely.

In investment planning it is critical to be aware of your accounts and money at all times and EFS understands this. Your experience with our company will come full circle as we walk you step-by-step through your free consultation and throughout your investment lifetime.