Encore Financial Planning Solution


I started in the financial services business over 30 years ago with one of the large financial services companies. Having lived through the economic market turmoil of the 1970's and the dot.com bubble of 2000 my investment philosophy changed dramatically. To put it in just a few words, limiting downside risk should be the foundation of a portfolio for most everyone over age 55. After the dot.com bust I never wanted to experience that again, much less try to console my clients through another event like that. As a result, my clients fared well through 2008 and 2009. Our practice is based on this philosophy.

I transferred to Austin in 1983 as a financial services representative with Prudential Financial Services. I became an independent representative in 1995. In 2009 I could see the large numbers of boomers retiring and their needs for financial guidance after another market correction. I chose to focus my financial services on retirement income planning and how to minimize risk from  a portfolio.

In 2008 I chose to affiliate with The Solomon Group as my securities office. Solomon Group Financial Services, LLC. Is a Registered Investment Advisory office (RIA) based in Austin.

I have volunteered over the years for the Austin Chamber of Commerce, The Paramount Theatre, and my local church. I have served on the board for the TeraVista Municipal Utility District No. 11 for the past 16 years. I am a past President of my local association of life underwriters and am currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau.